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Date Published 08 October 2016

Highgate offers various local attractions that draw people from all over the country to come and experience firsthand. Most notably The London Cemetery at Highgate which is arguably the capitals most well-known graveyard where you can take a guided tour to visit the impressive graves and tombs of the likes of Karl Marx, Michael Faraday and George Elliot. If you are interested in having a drink where the likes of Lord Byron and Charles Dickens frequently spent their afternoons you can stop by the Gatehouse pub on North Hill. Hampstead Heath is one of the most popular open spaces in London, the public park is seen as an island of countryside within a city. Kenwood House is a former stately home situated in the grounds of Hampstead Heath which is open to the public. Similarly there is Lauderdale house located in Waterlow Park which functions primarily as an arts and education centre, attracting over 65000 visitors annually. These are just some of the many attractions in Highgate which make it so desirable for people looking to move to North London. For further information why not head over to the Visit London page which gives lots of information about things to do in Highgate -