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Virtual Tours

We have been offering Virtual Tours for the majority of sales properties since 2019 and we are proud to market every property we sell with a virtual tour. We believe this delivers the next best experience to visiting a property in person and allows property searches to be conducted anytime from anywhere.

Virtual tours allow your property to be viewed online by as many people as possible using a computer, smart phone or tablet. This helps us to show your property to only genuine buyers or tenants.

As well as capturing the Virtual Tour, the technician will also take a minimum of 10 photographs and a floor plan measured to 99% of the property’s true size. The is measured to RICS International Standards and is Land Registry compliant.


Online Viewings

When you consider the average buyer or tenant will usually view multiple properties before making an offer, virtual tours offer fantastic time saving advantages. They are the perfect bridge between browsing online and visiting a property in person.

Our virtual tours allow the viewer to move between rooms, go up and down stairs, turn 360˚and look up and down. The viewer can also take as long as they wish looking at the property in detail.


Advantages of Online Viewings

You can take a comprehensive tour of a property wherever you are, 24 hours a day shortlisting your favourite properties without undertaking wasted property visits.

You can reduce the travelling time between properties saving time, money and personal interaction.

You can get up close to fixtures, fittings and details in a way not possible with photographs.

You can save physical viewings for the properties that you are most interested in and that you are more likely to offer on.

Physical Viewings

Although virtual tours are an essential part of the decision making process, this will never be a proper substitute for viewing a property in person. We are facilitating property visits in line with the Government’s latest guidance, so contact us today for both virtual and physical viewing advice.

Taylor Gibbs