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Leap Year 2024

Date Published 23 January 2024

The Roman Emperor Julius Caesar created what we now call ‘Leap Year' in 46 B.C, which he aptly named the Year Of Confusion!

Having 365 days in the year generally works as that is pretty much how long it takes for the Earth to orbit the Sun, problem is that in reality it takes that earth approximately 365 ¼ days to orbit the Sun, this means that the calendar is off by around a ¼ of a day, so Julius Cesar picking up in this discrepancy decided to add an extra day every four years to make up for those quarter days.

Pope Gregory XIII went on to create the Gregorian calendar and introduced the term ‘Leap Year' and established February the 29th as the official date!

So Apart from helping to keep our calendars in sync, during a leap years, January, April, and July all start on the same day, People born on 29th February are called ‘leaplings' or ‘leapers and tradition says it's okay for women to propose to men on 29th February!