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Date Published 01 December 2016

In 1873, Alexandra Palace, known as the ‘Peoples Palace' first opened providing a great environment and recreation centre to the Victorian people. After just 16 days of opening the Palace was destroyed from a fire. It had already attracted over 120,000 visitors during these 16 days. Less than 2 years later, in May 1875, a new Palace reopened to visitors. The Palace covered 7 acres of land and was centred on the ‘Great Hall' which is home to The Grand Willis Organ.

After some financial difficulties, in 1900 an act of parliament created the Alexandra Palace and Park Trust. This required the Trustees to maintain the Palace and Park and make them 'available for the free use and recreation of the public forever'.

In 1935 the BBC leased the eastern part of the building from which the first public television transmissions were made in 1936. Alexandra Palace was the main transmitting centre for the BBC until 1956, when it was used exclusively for news broadcasts. The early transmissions were famously introduced by one of the very first presenters, Elizabeth Cowell, with the words "This is direct television from Alexandra Palace'. From 1936 until the early 1950s, except during the Second World War, Alexandra Palace remained the major production centre for BBC television, broadcasting landmark programmes such as The Grove Family and historic events including the 1953 Coronation.

Six months after the transfer of trusteeship to Haringey Council, on the 10th July 1980, the Palace caught fire for the second time. Only Palm Court and the area occupied by the BBC escaped damage. The restoration work began soon after the fire and the Palace was re-opened again on 17th March 1988. It continues as a Charitable Trust administered by the London Borough of Haringey.

Alexandra Palace is one of London's premier venues. It is in a beautiful setting with panoramic views of London. The architectural features are stunning and it has well-proportioned halls. For these reasons the Palace is now a very popular choice for both corporate and private events.

There are additional leisure facilities including an Ice Rink, Children's play area, Boating Lake, Animal Enclosure and a Bar/Kitchen providing year round entertainment for anyone.