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The Advent of Christmas is Here

Date Published 01 November 2021

Remember being young and there was nothing quite like the excitement brought about by a simple Advent Calendar? Waking up early, sprinting downstairs and ripping open the card door for your morning chocolate fix (and if you had siblings, the added satisfaction of beating them to it!).

In recent times our tastes have changed and nowadays the contents of Advent Calendars makes the mind boggle; Chocolate is obviously still common place, but how about cheese, gin, Lego, beauty products and even pork scratchings?! It's a far cry from how Advent Calendars allegedly started out back in the 19th Century, when German Protestants began to mark the days leading up to Christmas by burning a candle or marking walls or doors with a line of chalk..

So what Calendar are you going for this year? Whatever it is, be sure to order it quick if you haven't done so already, the most popular sell like hotcakes and you don't want to be paying over the odds on Ebay, or miss out on your favourite Calendar entirely!