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Date Published 01 April 2020

Since Boris Johnsons announcement on the evening of Monday 23rd March all of our lives have changed dramatically. As an Estate Agent we relied on working from an office environment, meeting with vendors and landlords to value their properties and meeting with people to carry out viewings. This all came to a sudden halt that evening.

Along with having photographs and floor plans prepared, we've had videos made for all of our sales properties since the latter half of last year. We have always found these to be useful tool anyway. For our rental properties we experimented and made videos ourselves in anticipation of the Prime Ministers announcement.

Over the last four and a half weeks we are still working and carrying out business, albeit in a different manner. We no longer have the luxury of going to the office and having all of the tools available to us. Instead we are relying on our home broadband, laptops and mobiles. The restriction in movement has bought its own unique challenges as an estate agent but people have adapted quickly. We are still receiving a number of enquiries and the majority of people seem happy to view our videos and discuss them in further detail over the phone. We have been fortunate and this has led to both sales and rentals being agreed. Understandingly some people still want to see a property in person and will wait for the lockdown to be eased but it's still possible to sell or rent your property virtually.