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Date Published 01 December 2015

With Christmas fast approaching us, I can happily say that working in Highgate makes it all the more festive. Once the beautiful lights turn on, the village looks like something out of a magical story. It is also at this time of year that Taylor Gibbs has our annual cook off. This is where each member of staff makes a dish and presents it in our weekly staff meeting. It is safe to say I look forward to every Friday morning at work! This year we are going with the theme of the Rugby World Cup. If you follow us on Twitter and Facebook you will be able to see our weekly photos of the dishes made, so you can let us know what you think!

I think that working in a small independent company means that we have better working relationships with each other, and it is more like a family, which makes our work place even nicer to work in. This is evident even more so at Christmas time when we do our Secret Santa. I have to say in the past I have always been very happy with my gifts, just goes to show my colleagues must know me really well. I wonder who I will get this year and what to get them. Best get my thinking cap on soon...

The atmosphere in Highgate has always been very friendly, and with the winter weather in full swing now, everyone seems to be even happier and jolly. I would say it beats being in the city where everyone is rushing past you and no one stops to enjoy a conversation for a moment. I personally cannot wait for all of the festivities to begin and for everyone to come together and show the true meaning of Christmas.