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Date Published 01 July 2021

Happy Summer!

July has been a crazy month with a blistering heatwave across the country, followed by flash floods.

We also had FREEDOM DAY… From the 19th July the UK opened up. People were queuing at nightclub doors from midnight, pubs stopped doing table service, masks were off for the first time in 16 months and sitting at the bar in pubs was back. Also travel came back with holidays being booked leaving London and Highgate very quiet.

The Euros started and finished with England being in the final for the first time since 1966, (Well done boys you did us proud!).

Wimbledon was back with almost a full house of spectators and Tokyo host the Olympics, a year later than planned. So far Team GB are doing amazingly on the medal leader board - keep it up!

Hopefully July 2021's return back to normal is here to stay!