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De cluttering – Good for the Home and the Mind

Date Published 08 June 2022

Spring cleaning and de cluttering doesn't have to be a mammoth task so here are some top tips.


Throw away any food past its expiry date & go through the freezer discarding anything more than three months old.

Any unwanted food that is in date – give it your local food banks or offer up to your friends or neighbours.

Dispose of outdated medicines.

Get rid of those outdated unwanted gadgets – some charity shops will take them.

Banish plastic bags

Consolidate – group items such as light bulbs, batteries, basic tools together, like with Tupperware, drinking bottles and keep only what you will use, do you really need 40 plus pieces of Tupperware.

Living Room/Lounge:

If you have little ones, put toys away at the end of the day. Consider repurposing existing furniture, such as sideboard cupboards. Otherwise, have a look at stylish storage baskets with lids, which can hide messy toys away.

Research multi-use furniture such as an ottoman which doubles as a fold out mattress or a footstool which contains storage space.

Keep surfaces as clear as possible so cleaning is quick, straight-forward, and more likely to get done.

Avoid keeping to-do or action piles in your living space, such as piles of receipts or work laptops. Keep the living room as a space for relaxation.

A tray is a great way to give miscellaneous items like remote controls and glasses a neat home.


Put out-of-season clothing into storage, and if it doesn't fit or you haven't worn it in a year, bin it or recycle or sell it!

Organise jewellery in a compartmentalised box or on a jewellery tree.

Invest in some attractive baskets for storage, my new dressing table stool has a lid for extra storage and so many beds have drawers and handy storage solutions.

Divide and conquer with drawer compartments.

Think more classics and fewer throw away clothes – it's the good for the environment too

Best tip – buy some quality strong metal / wire hangers and make the switch from wooden which will gain so much wardrobe space.