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Date Published 01 April 2016

A report has found that many find this process to more stressful than their own jobs!

'The study, conducted by – a leading online letting agent, reveals that 66% of landlords find managing their properties more stressful than their full or part time jobs.

The research also reveals that rent arrears (87%) and dealing with tenant complaints (80%) are the top two causes of stress, followed by sorting out repairs to properties (43%), the immigration legislation (40%) and securing finance to expand their buy-to-let portfolios (28%).

A quarter of landlords cite tax and inland revenue as a major reason for getting worried and anxious, while a third say it is void periods. Furthermore, 23% of landlords blame having a partner that doesn't understand or appreciate the amount of work involved in being a buy-to-let landlord, as a major cause of stress'

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