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10 Reasons to Move to Highgate - Day 4 - Gateway in and out of the City

Date Published 04 October 2016

Highgate has exceptional transport links into the centre of London. The A1 motorway runs all the way from the North of England, through Highgate and into the centre of London. Highgate and Archway underground stations can take you from Highgate to the City Centre in 26 Minutes, as well as the various bus routes around London. However what many people aren't aware of is that Highgate derives its name because it has always been used as the Gateway to the City. The area of ‘High Gate' used to act as a border pass, where on top of the high terrain sat a large gate, through which travellers to and from the North could pass upon paying a toll. The mock-Tudor relic ‘Ye Olde Gatehouse' still sits where the old tollhouse would have been in 1318.