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10 Reasons To Move To Highgate - Day 9 - Connection with History

Date Published 09 May 2016

With Karl Marx's tomb in Highgate Cemetery, the house where Charles Dickens lived in 1832 and the Gatehouse pub where the likes of Byron once drank; it is clear Highgate has had a deep connection with history dating back centuries. There are records of the Highgate Fair that is held in Pond Square being held as far back as 1744. There is a fascinating and unique hamlet of cottages that is ‘Holly Village'. This serene ‘village within a village' was built in 1865 and are archetypal of Gothic fantasy architecture. The cottages themselves are surrounded by greenery and highly decorative ornaments made of expensive Portland stone and teak wood. These cottages bring to life the history of the area and remind us that Highgate has a deep-seated connection with history.

However, it is impossible to talk about Highgate's connection with history without mentioning Highgate Cemetery. The famous cemetery was part of a plan to create seven modern cemeteries in London, to which some now call ‘the magnificent seven'. Throughout the Victorian era it soon became a fashionable place for burials. If you're interested in taking a guided tour of the cemetery you can book these through the website -