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Spring Property Maintenance Tips

Date Published 01 April 2022

Despite the weather we're currently facing, Spring has officially sprung and the days are finally getting longer after a dreary winter. Spring is the perfect time to take stock of what needs addressing inside and out of your home, here's a couple of tips to get your started:

Gardening: Everyone's gardens take a hit over winter, so now is as good a time as ever to get it in tip top shape again in preparation of sunnier days and enjoying a few G&Ts outside. Get that lawnmower out, trim the hedges and make sure you're equipped with some decent weed killer to keep them at bay.

Ventilation: We're all guilty of not ventilating our properties enough over winter. It seems counterintuitive to open a couple of windows with the heating on when it's cold outside but this is simply the best way of preventing common issues like mould spots which occur with inadequate ventilation. Now is the time to give your property the airflow it needs.

Gutter & drain clearing: Our trees are starting to leaf again, but you might not have gotten round to sorting out the mess caused by the leaves falling in the colder months before. Unless removed, these leaves/debris will contribute to issues like overflowing gutters and blocked drains. Avoid these problems by clearing them out wherever possible. If you're a tenant who's come across these problems when it rains, make sure to alert your Property Manager / Landlord!