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Zero Deposit

 We are delighted to announce Taylor Gibbs are now partnered with Zero Deposit’s enabling us to be able to offer Landlords and Tenants access to their fully insured guarantee.

 This Guarantee provides Landlords with protection if Tenants do not pay the cost of any financial loss or damage due

  • Tenants remain completely responsible for any financial loss or damage due to the landlord, as you would with a traditional tenancy deposit
  • The cost of the Zero Deposit Guarantee (paid by the Tenants) is not returned at the end of the tenancy or offset against any claim by the landlord
  • There is an annual admin fee of £26 per tenancy collected every year by Direct Debit from the first anniversary until the end of the tenancy
  • If the landlord’s claim is disputed, and our expert evaluation partner finds in the landlord’s favour, Zero Deposit’s will settle with them and then seek reimbursement from the tenants.
  • A Zero Deposit Guarantee is offered as a choice, so if Tenants prefer to pay a security deposit, they can. With a traditional deposit your money will be returned to you if there is no financial loss or damage due to the landlord at the end of the tenancy



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